Welcome to Port Planner

Welcome to Port Planner!

You are on your way to planning your perfect cruise holiday.

Port Planner is a brand new online tool, built by a cruising fanatic, for cruising fanatics. It offers a place for cruise lovers to share their recommendations, and plan their cruise vacations with others.

We know that with such limited time ashore, it’s important to make every minute in port count.

Port Planner allows you to find things to see, places to eat, and the best ways to get around each port.

Planning a cruise with friends or someone else? Port Planner gives you tools to collaborate and plan together. Read more about our collaboration tools here.

Here’s how to make the most out of Port Planner

  • Log in to your account and create an Itinerary for your cruise
  • Explore our range of ports, and add them to your Itinerary with the plus button
  • The next step is to explore each port. Find attractions that interest you - add as many as you like to your itinerary with the plus button.
  • See tips, and comments from other cruisers on your ports and attractions. Learn from the experience of others!
  • Review your itinerary. Add notes, shortlist and remove attractions that don’t make the cut
  • View and share your Itinerary. You can print your Itinerary to take with you on the day, or download it to your device as a pdf. If you will have internet access, you can access it on your mobile or tablet via portplanner.com.au
  • Cruise, relax, have fun and explore!!!
  • When you get home, remember to share your experience with others, add comments, tips and photos to ports and attractions.

Planning can be part of the fun of cruising, and Port Planner is here to help make that easy, and is a great way to share your port plans with others.

Happy Cruising!