Share Your Cruise Pics and Help Others

A picture can speak a thousand words. Photos of ports and attractions can help other cruisers know what to expect and plan for their next cruise. By being part of the Port Planner community you can share your cruising experience and memories for the benefit of all.

Join Port Planner and share your cruising experience by sharing photos of ports and attractions with other cruisers.

Once shared users can make comments, and favourite your photos.

Adding Photos of Ports

To add photos to help users get to know a particular port, find the port on port planner, and down the page under gallery click Submit Photo.

Submit pictures of ports under 'Gallery' on the ports page
Submit pictures of ports under 'Gallery' on the ports page

Adding Photos of Attractions

Photos of attractions help cruisers decide if it's really something they would like to visit.

Photos can be of the attraction itself, the view from the street to help people know what to look for, it's menu, etc.

To add a photo of attraction, find the attraction on the site, and on its page, under Gallery click the Add Photo button.

Add photos of attractions on their page
Add photos of attractions on their page

Image Guidelines

Photos share on Port Planner must meet our image guidelines. Images that do not meet these guidelines will not be approved.

All photos upload are moderated before being displayed on the site.


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